Year of the Pig

The Cultured Critter Collective is home to unique monsters, animals, and other fun creatures.  I strive to impart whimsy, humor, color, and lots of different textures into my work.  I make use of a wide variety of materials: vinyl and vintage toys, polymer clay, modeling clay, semi-precious gemstones, vintage jewelry castings and watch parts, wood, glass, poly fur, fleece, leather- you name it, I use it! Many of my artistic influences have come from pop culture, graffiti, and Asian art, as well as assemblage art and the Steampunk genre.

April 2019 was the critters’ ten-year anniversary! It’s been an exciting and fun ten years- the critters have traveled to shows and other events throughout Texas and the United States, as well as Switzerland, Germany and Canada. We’ve loved seeing all of the smiles, giggles and happiness that they have given to so many people. Thanks so much to you all for your support and friendship during these first ten years- we are looking forward to many more!


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